Installing Cloudera Standard on CentOS successfully

Cloudera Standard is the complete platform for Big Data.

The script for Cloudera standard install (the cloudera-manager-installer.bin file), installs the complete Big Data system. But the download and install processes are very time consuming. It is possible that while cloudera components are getting installed, the installation may fail leading to complete rollback and thereafter starting the process of repeat download and re-install.

The recommended method to reinstall is to run the uninstall script ( that is installed at the very beginning by the cloudera install program. I recommend as follows in case the download fails in between. This will save a lot of time and repeat download of cloudera components. When the installation fails and the message to Retry installation appears, just close the browser and reboot. Do not retry installation. This recommendation is for install on single machines.

Stop the Cloudera Manager Server and its database:

#service cloudera-scm-server stop
#service cloudera-scm-server-db stop
Uninstall the Cloudera Manager Server and its database:

# yum remove cloudera-manager-server
# yum remove cloudera-manager-server-db

Uninstall Cloudera agent also:
# yum remove ‘cloudera-manager-*’

At this point reboot and  YOU ARE READY TO RE-RUN cloudera install bin file again and install CLOUDERA

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